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California Solar Panel Cost Savings

California Commercial Solar

Cost of Commercial and Home Solar Panels:

The cost of commercial and home solar panels is currently at an all time low due to California solar rebates, federal tax credits and local municipal programs. In addition, the cost of solar panels has declined due to economies of scale. Manufacturers have been able to produce larger quantities of panels due to the rising demand and popularity of going solar, resulting in a lower cost of solar panels to the consumer. There has never been a better time to go solar!

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Lower Your Electricity Bill Today!

Electricity prices are presently increasing at the average rate of 6.7% nationally due to fluctuating fuel prices, inflation, increasing demand, infrastructure maintenance, and investment costs. Additionally, with tiered pricing in California, only a small amount of your electricity consumption (tiers 1 & 2) is fixed by law, allowing the utility to increase rates on most of your consumption.

When you install California solar panels, you become your own power provider thus fixing your electricity costs now and for the future! Your utility company will track how much power you produce and credit you for that production by reducing your electricity bill. Typically, the cost of home solar panel installation will be paid for with your electrical savings in 17 years. All savings thereafter will be yours to pocket!

Utility Co. Tiered Pricing Expedites Your Solar Cost Savings!

Most utility companies in California utilize a tiered pricing system meaning your cost of electricity increases with your usage.

The cost of the first two tiers of electricity is dictated by law. Everyone receives the same amount of electricity at this price. Higher tiers are not regulated by law and increase at a faster rate than the lower tier electricity. With California solar electricity you reduce the most expensive electricity usage first. In fact, you may design a system that will eliminate 35% of your usage and 55% of your bill!

Current Incentives Lower the Cost of Solar Panels and Installation Up to 30%!

Federal Tax Credits & Other Incentives:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit:
    The Federal Government offers a 30% tax credit on the installation of home or commercial solar power systems. The amount of the federal tax credit is uncapped! This is a tax credit, not a deduction, meaning that the amount of your tax credit is applied directly to your tax bill dollar for dollar.
  • Commercial clients have the option to receive a Department of Energy grant in lieu of the federal tax credit. The Department of Energy grant provides lump sum payment approximately 60 days after solar power system installation equal to approximately 30% of the net cost of the system after the California solar rebate.
  • Local Municipal Solar Programs:
    Many cities in Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange Counties have joined the solar power revolution by offering additional incentives, such as free permits on the installation of solar panels. Contact us today to see what incentives are available in your area!
  • Property Tax Exemption:
    Solar power projects receive a property tax exemption, meaning you are not assessed additional property tax when you install new solar energy equipment!

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