All Solar Is Not Created Equal

Facts about Home and Commercial Solar Power Systems

  1. Why should I go solar?
    It benefits you and the environment and builds a sustainable future. Renewable energy is in the news, with global warming, rising energy rates and energy dependence affecting all of us. Solar energy is one of the best ways to contribute to sustainability. The government is on board by offering significant tax credits at the federal level that will save you 30% off the cost of a new residential or commercial solar energy system.
  2. What is solar energy?
    A solar energy system creates usable power from sunlight. Photovoltaic (PV) solar is basically the same technology found in a solar power calculator, just on a much larger scale. PV systems can be designed to generate the majority of the electricity to be used by your home or commercial building, or just a portion of it. Your solar power system designer will work with you to design the best option for your needs.

Environmental Benefits of California Solar:

Over 25 years, a 4.5 KW DC Photovoltaic System is estimated to offset:

278,000 lbs of CO2, the leading greenhouse gas
900 lbs of NOx, which creates smog
810 lbs of SO2, which causes acid rain
60 lbs of particulates that cause asthma
450,200 miles driven in an average car

To summarize, it's like taking 1.5 cars off the road for 25 years or planting 2.4 acres of trees!

  1. How do solar power systems benefit me personally?
    A solar power system reduces your energy bill, adds value to your home, gives you energy independence by shielding you against rising energy rates that have increased historically at the rate of 6.7% per year and it is a good investment for a sustainable future.
  2. What are the facts about solar energy production on cloudy days?
    Your California solar power system will work most days, even when it’s cloudy. Cloud cover reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the solar roof panel, but your system will produce some electricity on most overcast days. When we design your solar power system, we take into consideration the average sun radiation for your particular area. You are always connected to the utility grid, so on days when your generation is low, you can obtain additional electricity from the utility. This will be offset by days when your generation is higher than your use!
  3. Will a photovoltaic system provide me electricity if there is a power outage?
    Yes, if your solar power system is designed with a battery back-up system to provide energy if the power goes out.
  4. Where is the best place to mount solar panels?
    Direct sunlight is the most important factor. For most installations, mounting the system on the roof will give the best access to direct sunlight while avoiding shading concerns. We do offer solar patio covers and ground mount systems as well.
  5. What are the facts about solar energy resale value?
    Studies show that most Americans would be willing to pay more for a home with a solar power system already installed. And of course, as energy costs rise, having the ability to provide potential buyers with a lower cost of electricity is an advantage over homes with traditional electrical systems. In addition, we design our California solar electric systems with an aesthetical appeal so they look nice and blend with your home’s architecture!
  6. How long will my solar power system last?
    Our solar power systems last for decades. In fact, we guarantee the performance of our home and commercial solar panels for 25 years, solar inverters for 25 years and our installation for 10 years. With these facts about solar power systems, warranties from Applied Solar Energy Solutions and the manufacturer, you should feel you are in good hands.
  7. What are the facts about solar energy and weather?
    Our commercial and home solar panels are made of tempered safety glass set into sturdy frames. Our mounting systems are extremely robust. Our solar roofing systems are as strong as the roof they are mounted on, if not stronger.
  8. What regular maintenance will I need to do?
    With an Applied Solar Energy Solutions system, very little. PV systems are inherently very low maintenance requiring a simple hose down a few times during the dry season.
  9. What technological knowledge do I need?
    None. We’re always glad to supply any technological knowledge you might want, but you do not need to become an expert! Many people like the comfort of knowing their solar electric system is producing as expected. We can install easy online monitoring systems which can provide this information to you either on a desktop display or via internet access.
  10. What are the environmental facts about solar energy?
    Fossil fuels are a leading cause of global warming and air pollution. Solar energy reduces the amount of fossil fuel that is burned, thus reducing the pollutants and CO2 that get into the atmosphere. Our solar power systems have the added benefit of high efficiency, durability and service life. They are engineered for sustainability which means fewer replacements and repairs, saving even more energy and precious resources.
California Solar Electric System

With these facts about California solar installation and performance, you should feel you are in good hands with Applied Solar Energy Solutions. Take a moment today to find out how going solar can save you money on your electric bills, fix your future electric costs and provide you with a more secure financial future.

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