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Financial Considerations

Solar Power for Homes and Commercial Buildings in California: A Secure Investment

Investment in Solar Power for Homes

An investment in solar power for homes or commercial buildings is a secure investment. Electricity prices are currently rising at the average rate of 6.7% nationwide due to fluctuating fuel prices, inflation, increasing demand and infrastructure maintenance costs. In addition, with tiered pricing in California, only a small amount of your energy consumption (tiers 1 & 2) is fixed by law, allowing the utility to raise rates on the majority of your energy consumption.

You may be wondering where to invest your money right now. Solar energy systems providing solar power for homes and commercial buildings return post tax IRR's of 10–20%. With savings rates at an all time low and the stock market uncertain, investing in solar power for homes and commercial buildings makes for a strong secure investment. In addition, you will be fixing your future cost of electricity. An investment in solar power for homes or commercial buildings results in a sound financial return as well as a more secure, brighter, cleaner future.

Solar Rebates and Tax Credits Can Save You Up to 45% of the Cost of
Solar Power Systems for Homes or Commercial Buildings:

Solar Rebates, Tax Credits & Other Incentives:

  • 20% California Solar Rebate:

    The State of California, through the California Solar Initiative offers a rebate on solar power for homes and commercial buildings of up to 20% of the cost of your California solar electric system and is based on the expected performance of the system.

    Applied Solar Energy Solutions manages the California solar rebate process for you by reducing your upfront cost by the amount of the solar rebate. We will then apply for and collect the solar rebate. If your system is larger than 30KW DC (primarily large commercial systems) you will receive the rebate monthly based on actual KWH generated.

    The schedule that determines the amount of rebate you will receive declines with the amount of solar power systems installed in the marketplace. The sooner you decide to install solar roof panels, the larger your rebate will be!

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit:

    The Federal Government offers a 30% uncapped tax credit on the installation of solar power for homes or commercial buildings. This is a tax credit, not a deduction, meaning that the amount of your tax credit is applied directly to your tax bill dollar for dollar.

    Commercial clients have the option to receive a Department of Energy grant in lieu of the tax credit. The DOE grant provides a lump sum payment approximately 60 days after installation equal to approximately 30% of the net cost of the solar power system after the state solar rebate.

  • Local Municipal Solar Programs:

    Many cities have joined the renewable energy revolution by offering additional incentives such as free permits on the installation of solar roofing panels. Contact us to see what is available in your area today!

  • Property Tax Exemption:

    Solar power projects, for the installation of solar roof panels, receive a property tax exemptionmeaning you are not charged extra property tax when you install new home or commercial solar panels!

California Solar Panels Increases the Value of Your Property:

California solar panels add value to your property. People are intrigued by the environmental benefits of solar and the reduced operating costs of a property that come with a solar energy system. According to a survey by the California Research & Policy Center, 63% of people surveyed said they would pay more for a solar property and 77% indicated that solar played an important part in the decision to buy.

Secure Your Investment with a Strong Solar Energy Equipment Warranty:

  • 25 year manufacturer warranty on the solar panels
  • 10 year warranty on the solar power inverter
  • 10 year California solar installation warranty

Solar Roof Panels Generate Power Well Beyond Their Warranted Life Span:

Solar roof panels generate power for decades. Solar roof panels have no moving parts and are entirely sealed from the elements. Maintenance consists of hosing down the solar roof tiles once or twice during the dry season. It is normal for solar panels to degrade slightly over their lifetime due to normal wear & tear, dirt and abrasions. Again, this degradation is only slight and our manufacturer’s warranty that their solar energy panels will produce at least 80% of their original rated power for 25 years. Therefore, you should expect the solar roof panels to generate power for many years beyond their warranted life.

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