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Applied Solar Energy Solutions is committed to providing our customers with California residential solar and California commercial solar power systems that are custom designed, engineered and installed to meet their specific needs. This is why we have partnered with two of the manufacturing leaders of solar power systems, SolarWorld and Enphase Energy, both of which are worldwide and leaders in the design, manufacturing and installation of solar power systems. Both SolarWorld and Enphase Energy offer the highest of quality, most durable and efficient solar panels on the market. Both SolarWorld and Enphase Energy offer a sleek solar product line that works well with the architecture in your home.

SolarWorld is based here in the United States and manufactures panels at its headquarters in Oregon. As the largest U.S. solar manufacturer for 40 years, SolarWorld is uniquely recognized as America's solar leader. We meticulously carry out the most important steps in the solar production process on U.S. soil—from sourcing and manufacturing to assembling and hiring.

The Solar Advantage for Homeowners:

Solar generating systems are a sound investment that can add value to your home. Solar energy systems turn sunlight into electricity that can be used to power your home. A solar energy system can be used to power some or all of your daily electricity needs. When you install your solar energy system, you will enter into a "Net Energy Metering" agreement with your utility company which will allow the utility to track excess power generated by your system and exported to the grid. Your utility will provide you with a credit for the full retail value of the electricity your system exports to the grid. Your home will remain connected to the utility grid, so any electricity needs not provided by your system are automatically drawn from the grid. For example, in the evening hours when your system is not producing, credits generated during the day will be used first to cover the cost of the electricity drawn from the grid. Over a 12-month period, you pay for the net amount of electricity that you consume, less any generation export credit you have accrued. At Applied Solar Energy Solutions, we can design your system to offset all of your utility usage or to just offset the higher cost electricity associated with the utility's tier billing plans, also known as "tier shaving". Tier shaving can save you considerably on your electricity costs over the life of the system while reducing your upfront costs.

The Solar Advantage for Business Owners:

Make solar a key part of your new business plan! Thousands of California businesses have decided to "Go Solar". Solar Energy is reliable and solar energy production can offset utility supplied electricity used during peak hours when electricity prices are at their highest. Also, by installing a solar energy system, your company can demonstrate an awareness of sustainability practices and an engagement with your community thereby adding distinction to your brand and building a positive work environment that your employees and customers will value. "Green Business Owners" report enhanced customer awareness, increasing sales volume and revenue. As customers put a value on environmental responsibility and community involvement, a demonstrated commitment to environmentally sustainable business practices can add distinction to your brand. Plus, businesses prefer working with firms that share similar philosophies, so as the solar movement spreads, your sustainable leadership may attract the attention of valuable business clients.

Contact Applied Solar Energy Solutions today! Let us show you how leadership in the green energy movement can save you money, benefit the environment and allow you to contribute to energy sustainability.

SolarWorld Authorized Installer Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver. PowerSaver Energy Home Loan
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