All Solar Is Not Created Equal

A 30 KW-DC Commercial Solar Power System Will Offset the Following (over 25 years):

1,800,000 lbs of CO2 (greenhouse gas)
6,000 lbs of NOx (smog)
5,000 lbs of SO2 (acid rain)
3,000,000 miles driven in a car

Having California commercial solar panels is like planting 15 acres of trees!

Commercial solar panels will prevent 900,000 lbs of coal from being burned!

Commercial Solar Power Systems

Many companies are setting environmental goals in their efforts to be good corporate citizens. Installing a commercial solar power system is an excellent way to fulfill corporate environmental goals, and at the same time, your company will benefit by fixing its electrical operating costs.

Financing and Federal Tax Credits, plus the tax benefit of MACRS 5 Year Accelerated Depreciation and Year 1 Bonus Depreciation, can cover a huge amount of the Commercial Solar Power Systems Costs!

The Federal Government provides a 30% Federal Tax Credit. In addition, businesses can take advantage of the tax benefit of 5 year MACRS accelerated depreciation and year 1 bonus depreciation on solar projects. Positive cash flow can be obtained on most commercial solar power system installations as early as the first month after installation.

Our commercial solar power system advisors will provide you a thorough financial analysis of the financial benefit to your company of installing solar, including when positive cash flow will be achieved, the tax benefits and incentives available to your company, and how they can increase your companyís annual cash flow and reduce your tax bill, break-even analysis and expected increased property value. Please consult with your tax advisor as to your particular tax situation and depreciation qualifications.

Commercial Solar Panels
Commercial Solar Power System

Summary of Commercial Solar Power System Incentives:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • 5-Year MACRS Accelerated Depreciation
  • Year 1 Bonus Depreciation
  • Property Tax Exemption

Power Your Business with
California Solar Energy

  • Promote yourself as a Green Business
  • Comply with Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets
  • Combat Global Warming
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce the Country’s Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Contact us today to make an appointment to meet with one of our NABCEP certified solar designers. We will analyze your current and available rate plans, electric bills, site’s solar exposure and future expected electrical needs. We will then design a commercial solar power system with all these factors in mind.

We can assist you to coordinate financing either through your own banking relationship or we can connect you with other financing resources. Our financing resources include SBA financing programs, capitalized lease options and power purchase agreement (PPA) options.

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