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Solar Energy Equipment Available From Applied Solar Energy Solutions

Applied Solar Energy Solutions is committed to providing our customers with California solar electricity systems designed, engineered and installed to meet their specific requirements. It is expected that a solar electricity system should last over 30 years while exposed to the environment we have in Southern California.

Knowing that performance, durability, reliability and value are critical design factors, Applied Solar Energy Solutions has partnered with two of the leading solar electricity system manufacturers, SolarWorld USA and Enphase Energy who supply all our solar power equipment. With SolarWorld and Enphase, Applied SES is able to offer all the necessary solar energy equipment to completely integrate your California solar electricity system including wiring, inverters and monitoring for your system.

A fully integrated SolarWorld and Enphase Energy, home solar power system or commercial solar power system means you do not have to worry about efficiency loss due to mismatched solar energy equipment, solar power panels, etc. Both companies are renowned for their solar energy equipment warranties which are the strongest in the industry.

Solar Power Panels (modules)

California Solar Panel

Solar power panels convert light into DC electricity. They are the energy generating portion of the solar power system. Depending on the application, your designer may suggest different types of California solar panels that best meet the design criteria you have in mind. Solar power panels can be made from numerous types of materials and components as well as vary in size and color. They will also vary in efficiency and price based on the factors mentioned above. Many solar power panels have different features that make them suitable for different types of applications. This is why it is important to work with a designer who can maximize the output of your solar power system by choosing not only the right solar energy equipment for the design of your California solar electricity system, but also the solar energy equipment that will perform the best given your site’s conditions. Partnered with SolarWorld and Enphase, Applied Solar Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive line of solar power panels that address simple residential systems to custom designed building integrated photovoltaic systems that have been utilized worldwide.

Solar Inverters

Solar Inverter for Solar Panels

Solar inverters convert the DC electricity generated by the solar power panels into AC electricity that is either consumed by loads in your home or it is fed back to the utility grid, which causes your meter to run backwards.

These solar power inverters have numerous features such as an integrated DC load break switch and string combiner, sealed electronics enclosure with data collection and communication options.

There are many factors involved in selecting the size and type of solar inverter for your project. We offer several solar inverter models, each appropriate for different applications and system capacities. Solar power inverters offered by Applied SES are at least 95% efficient and have a ten year manufacturer's warranty. Choice of solar inverters is critically important as efficiency in operation and lifespan can reduce the payback and financial return of your system significantly. Our solar inverters are optimized for grid connected solar power systems and are designed to give you reliable service for the life of your solar power system.

Solar Panel Mounting

Solar Roof Panel Mounting System

At Applied SES we offer a number of different solar panel mounting options for your solar power system, each utilized for varying purposes depending on existing site conditions, permit requirements set by the municipality, engineering requirements and the size of your system. The most common mounting systems are roof, ground, one or two axis tracking and ballasted.

All solar power systems need light, so living in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino or Riverside County, that makes the roof an obvious install location for your solar array. Our solar panel roof mounting system is meticulously engineered and tested – given its expected life and the exposure it will face over its lifetime, strength and durability are the primary design factors for solar roof panels.

Solar Power Monitoring

Our solar panel roof mounting systems are designed to exceed all engineering criteria encountered in Southern California such as weight, wind, moisture and seismic conditions. Our solar panel mounting systems are fabricated of the highest quality materials. We specify attachment components designed for specific roof types, such as concrete tile, mission, barrel, Spanish tile, composition shingle, etc., to insure that our solar panel mounting system requires fewer roof penetrations providing a more durable solar installation.

Solar Power Monitoring

solar panel monitoring system

Solar power monitoring gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your investment in California solar energy is being returned daily. At Applied SES we offer a number of solar power monitoring options depending on your specific requirements.

Solar monitoring provides residential and commercial system owners knowledge and control over the energy system generation. Monitoring output is remotely accessible via the internet or a mobile Bluetooth desktop device. Monitoring your solar power system's performance is a click away!

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