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Home solar power systems (aka: photovoltaic or PV systems) convert solar energy in sunlight into electricity. A typical home solar power system consists of solar panels mounted on a roof connected to a solar power inverter. The sunlight charges the silicone-based particles in the home solar panels generating DC electricity. The electricity that is generated is fed into an inverter that converts the DC electricity generated by the solar power system to AC electricity which can be utilized to run the appliances in your home.

Solar Power Systems for Homes

Excess solar energy that is not used by your home immediately is fed back onto the national utility grid and stored for your use when your home solar power system is not generating electricity (at night, for example). Your electric meter will spin backwards as it registers the excess solar energy being redirected back to the utility grid. When you need this stored energy, it will be drawn from the grid and your meter will spin forward. If at any time you need more energy than your home solar power system produces, you can continue to draw energy from the grid. At the end of the month, your utility will bill or credit you for the net amount of your energy consumption or generation a process referred to as Net Metering.

Example of Net Metering Using a Residential Photovoltaic System

California Solar Electric Generator

The electric meter spins backwards as it registers excess energy flowing from a California solar electric generator into the O&R electric grid.

California Solar Electricity - Electric Grid

The electric meter spins forward as it registers the normal flow of energy from the O&R electric grid into the customer's home.

A home solar power system will increase your home’s value immediately. According to a leading mortgage provider, reducing electrical costs adds significant value to your home. According to the Appraisal Institute, your home’s value will increase $20 for every $1 in annual utility bill savings due to the installation of solar energy equipment. For example, a $26,000 home solar power system may save you around $3,000/year in energy expenses which can equate to an immediate increase of $60,000 in your home’s value. That is more than double your initial investment and immediate equity in your home!

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Federal Solar Tax incentives are available that can save you up to 30% off the cost of a new California residential solar power system. This is a huge saving, and the amount of solar rebates available for you to receive, is declining as the number of home solar power systems installed in the marketplace increases.

Home Solar Panels on Roof

Serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, Applied Solar Energy Solutions has the skill sets necessary to complete your California solar power system on time, on budget and with the performance and with durability you expect!

Our staff of NABCEP certified solar designers and technicians will work with you to design your solar power system. Our expert staff will conduct an energy usage review, review such factors as present utility rate structure and available rate structures, space availability, shading, appearance, local fire codes and anticipate changes in future energy needs. Our design ensures a neat installation through balance and symmetry which provides a PV array that is unobtrusive and architecturally appealing.

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