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Solar Power Monitoring Solutions

Residential and commercial solar power system owners and installers can benefit from remote monitoring services for renewable energy systems. These systems provide knowledge and control over energy system generation and demand, and are remotely accessible via the Internet or a Bluetooth desktop device.

Solar power monitoring systems typically consist of a local device that connects to the energy system, collects data, and communicates with the monitoring service providerís central data center. Good monitoring and display tools can help reveal trends, transient issues, cost-saving opportunities and emerging issues. They provide future real-time and historical system performance graphs and downloadable data. Additionally, they provide the independent third-party, revenue-grade monitoring and reporting required to collect performance-based financial incentives.

A variety of solar power monitoring systems are available starting with small-scale residential rooftop systems up to large commercial solar power systems requiring third party monitoring and reporting in order to meet the California Solar Initiative requirements for performance based incentives.

Small Scale System Monitoring:

For small scale system (less than 50KW DC) monitoring we offer SMA solar monitoring systems. This optional monitoring system can be added to any small scale project that does not require third party monitoring and reporting in order to conform to solar rebate requirements. SMA solar power monitoring allows clients to access their solar energy systemsí operational data by logging onto SMAís free web service. With SMAís system monitoring, you will be able to analyze and present the performance, earnings or CO2 savings of your solar plant with meaningful graphs and tables. Regular status reports by e-mail will keep you informed of the smooth operation of your solar power system and will provide reassurance that your system is operating smoothly and at capacity.

SMA Solar Monitoring Platform:

Below are samples of the reporting you will see when you visit your Sunny Portal page. See a live SMA solar power monitoring sample.

California Solar CO2 & Cost Savings

CO2 avoided: 8.72t             Revenue: $1,999.35

SMA California Solar Monitoring Graph SMA California Solar Power Graph

Large Scale Third-Party Monitoring:

Applied Solar Energy Solutions carries DECK monitoring systems which can be added as an option to any solar project. DECK solar power monitoring provides third party, revenue-grade monitoring and reporting systems which are required on all systems greater than 50KW DC or systems applying for a monthly paid, performance-based (aka: EPBB) incentive through the California Solar Initiative. With a DECK Monitoring system, you will have access via the internet to your system’s “dashboard” – which will provide you your system’s energy generation, demand, irradiance and performance down to the string level – with user defined real time and historical reporting capabilities.

DECK Solar Power Monitoring Platform:

Deck Solar Power Monitoring
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